Wednesday, December 15, 2010

It's Christmas Again....Already?

Here we are in the middle of December and this morning I awake yet again with the dizzying, dreadful, blood draining realization that Christmas is just mere heartbeats away...My heart in my throat, (Well, right up until I had my morning coffee). The cause of these dire physical symptoms of angst? I am no where NEAR to being ready for this winters pivotal, solstice celebration.

Unlike these many years past, where I started my holiday shopping...Pretty much on December 26th. Oh yes, I DID, right away....the day after Christmas. Heck, the freshly torn wrapping paper and crisp ribbon bows had barely hit the floor and I was up, off and running.... Yet again, to pursue the next years parcel of pressies. I admit, it does seem to come as a sort of 'knee-jerk reaction' to the never ending inundation of tinny holiday tunes and tacky plastic, badly decorated christmas tree displays that we are all over exposed to when retailers decided to get an early start on the season..... at Halloween! But now, with my head hanging low ( low), in shame, I admit it....I did NOT do that slightly unusual, yet responsible thing this year.

The saddest part of this whole thing is figuring out that my quick-start, 'sale search system' extravaganza works! And, it actually IS the best way for me to get the right gifts at affordable prices, for each person. See....Silly me, I decided that this year, since money was so tight for us all and the economy had taken such a serious nose dive, I'd be able to put off the present purchases until later in the year...Figuring, that with all the dire and dour economic forcasts given day-to-day, going on week to week, prices would surely be rational, reasonable and possibly even better after July...Right...right? Ummm....Wrong! As a result of that sort of mindset, I'm still nearly presentless at this point.

We are counting down now..... And we are now at...T-minus, 10 days to 'Gift-Off'.......NASA....We have a problem....!! I walk around store after store in a disbelieving haze of anger.... Swearing (to myself), that I will NOT pay twenty five dollars for a pair of mittens that are barely worth five at best. Yes, I guess I really called it bass-akwards on those retailers needing to present us with reasonable price points, set to the entice buyer interest, tease their dearly held few dollars from them and make sensible sales. Oh, I was wrong, sooo very, very wrong.

This year, I even went AGAINST my 18 year-long, standing rule of 'NO Shopping On Crazy Black Friday' and did...(I think I was already starting to react to the impending present giving/purchase pressure)...And no, I dont think I'll ever break THAT rule again. That day was crazy indeed...The shoppers that is, not the promised low, low, rock bottom, 'Super Sale' prices the stores had all promised and believing them, I had expected to see. Sure, those 'Come-On' item prices were great I suppose...but I didnt actually see any of those items myself, as they were all sold out (to the other Black Friday Crazies...I call'em Mom-bies), probably by 5 am or before.

So, what have we all learned here? That I, myself....MUST get-it-together, get fired up mentally and get out there shopping immediately 'post christmas' (Pronto!), to get it all done in an orderly and affordable way...I, hereby (places hand over chest) swear to uphold my holiday duty and with this in mind, promise to always scan every flyer and scour every website...SoHelpMeGawd!

Or else....Risk..... Becoming another mindless 'Mom-bie'. We ARE the scariest creatures you'll likely ever meet, and you can always tell when one of us is around...By our empty, vacant, ash-rimmed and bloodshot eyes....that seem to be searching.... searching, endlessly, here, there and everywhere.... for that perfect, precious christmas present.... Heh heh...BOO!

Happy Holidays to you and yours...Wishing you well....Until we meet again...

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Star Date : 6/17/10 Moon in Virgo, Mars in Virgo

Welcome! Today, June 17th 2010 the Moon moved into the sign of Virgo at 1:41am est. Mars is also in the sign of Virgo (as of 2:11 am est on 6/7/10), So the emotional side that is ruled by the Moon, is teaming up with a Mars driven sense of adventure, aggression, and sex. For alot of us, love affairs could be in the picture now, particularly for Earth and Water signs, who may really be feeling the vibe!

Adventures of all kinds may seem like a distinct possibility for all the signs but Virgo Suns will really have a leg up on it (they are practically 'humming' with energy in this moon period). They will have resolve as well as the will power to start and DO just about anything their little hearts desire right now. Be prepared people! With Virgo suns that could mean just about anything. The gamut could run from them dropping a bad job and jumping on a new employment situation to gutting the bedroom and redesigning it from the floorboards up. They have the guts, ambition and energy to fix the things that 'bug' then and they just might do it now!

For the rest of us, it's pretty much...Pick, pick, pick..Yes indeed, we get a little bit more discerning when the Moon is in Virgo. We know what we want, plain and simple and if it's not 'just so' we WILL complain. We want the people we deal with to have fresh breath, clean hair and decent, co-ordinating, well fitting clothes. We all just figure that's the very LEAST we can could do, so we expect it from others too. Gone now is the regal 'forgiving', non-petty attitude of the Leo Moon. Yup, lonnng gone! Now it's ALL about the details toughen up and deal with it.

Food right now will be more along the lines of what we NEED as opposed to what we want. Is it healthy? Is it wholesome? Is it sensible?...If yes, then fill our plates please!
Health food is 'big' under this moon. Whole grains, salads, and lean cuts of meat will be to our liking right now...Don't be surprised if you turn down dessert either, Virgo moons usually take the craving for sweets down a notch too. We will want our kitchens and dining rooms to be clean and uncluttered. DO be sure to look over all those bit of mail you've been stacking up on those tables, BEFORE you toss them all in the trash bin! Many an overdue notice surprisingly comes a shortly after we spontaneously TOSS (yes, the original, unopened bill) of the cluttering 'stuff' out under a Virgo moon spell.

Things we'll likely be doing now, cleaning, organizing, nit-picking and complaining, streamlining and "fixing" whats wrong with other people. We wont be so 'self' focused as we were in the Leo moon period and instead will be turning our attention to those around us and our surroundings. We tend to make a 'god' of simple necessity right now too. Efficient, unromantic, quick, clean and no-frills stuff will win out in our eyes every time when a Virgo Moon is involved.

Pisces (the astrological opposite of Virgo), Sun and Moon sign people just might not be digging the vibe so much right now. Life that's without at least a touch of romance, elegance and fantasy just isn't comfortable for them. They might want to grab a bottle or two of their favorite vintage and hide out for the duration under the covers of their cozy beds or between the covers of their favorite romance, thriller or poetry book at least until 4:13 am est on Saturday, June 19th, when the moon moves into the sign of airy and slightly more romantic Libra.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Star Date : 6/14/10 Moon in Leo, Venus in Leo

Welcome! Today June 14th the Moon moon moves into the sign of Leo at 11:54 pm est. The planet Venus also moved into Leo earlier at 4:50 am est, so this is a wonderful period to enjoy. Both of these celestial bodies will be making positive aspects to Jupiter and Uranus who are both currently in the very earliest degrees of Aries....So Fire sign suns/moon people will be getting a little extra boost of energy and sex appeal from these four.

What can we expect from this Leo Moon period? Well, if you look carefully you'll see folks will start to walk a little taller, sit a bit straighter too. Yes, because Leo rules the back and the Moon and Venus here will act as a motherly reminder for us all to sit up straight. (nudge, nudge). If you ignore Leo's prompting and don't, you may find yourself a little bit achy as a result. If you look at someone you know is a Leo.... You'll know exactly what I mean, most of them walk proudly and stand with a rather royal and commanding posture... (Not the kind of stance that Virgo risings ramrod straight you wonder where exactly that stick is)....but with a natural Leo elegance and strength. We'll all get just a touch of that for a couple days (lucky us)!

We may also see ourselves springing for a new hairdo, a bit of something gold and glittery, or maybe a posh bit of 'something' to add to our wardrobes. Leo spares no expense at being show-stoppingly attractive, they work very hard at making it all seem "natural" and we'll all get just a smidge of that sort of attitude ourselves with both these planets in the sign of the lion. We may see a drop or two of indulgent flair as 'essential' for just a bit. Tooth whitening, contact lenses, tanning, hair highlighting, manicures and pedicures....Yes, all the little touches may suddenly seem very important to us now.

Attitudes will tend to be generous. Miserly and petty behaviour will be frowned upon. Children, entertaining and playing will get special attention right now too. A good laugh here and there should be had in the next few days too. (Leo loves to tell a joke). Even the shy, 'shrinking violet' types wont mind folks looking at them so much during this period. Entertaining is especially highlighted now, you may want to throw an impromptu party during this moon spell. We'll play games just for the sake of playing not winning right now. You may find you crave a good session of sunbathing right now too. Self improvement schemes get off to a great start as well right now, deciding HOW to loose that spare tire will seem easier much for alot of us.

Food will be something "worth" having now. Hard to believe but even our snacks will have to have that "something special" or we just wont be interested. Many a confirmed vegetarian may get an unshakable craving for a good steak during this moon phase. How the meal 'looks' on the plate will be almost as important to us as the taste. Finishing touches like garnishes are used more when the moon rolls through Leo. Also the "better" cuts of meat are preferred. We wont be fans of boiled stuff right now and prefer roasting or fire grilling what we eat instead. Elegant desserts are wanted now as well as the finer bottle of wine or imported beer as opposed to the 'standard fare' we normally have. Restaurants with table linens and making reservations to'em are high on our priority lists right now as we would rather have others 'do' (in a grand style too) for us...But hey, we're worth it right?

Aquarius Suns/Moons might not find these few days as enjoyable as the rest of us, (after all, they are the zodiacs 'opposite' of Leo). They don't care for all that self-important pomp and circumstance. And all the strutting, fluffing and preening just gets on their nerves.... I think you guys might want to escape it all by going rock climbing, hang gliding or maybe windsurfing. A visit to that Sci-Fi convention in town wouldn't be a bad idea, or maybe just 'hole-up' in your laboratory and do some more work on your Martian Alien Language translator project for a little bit.... Just until 1:41 am est Thursday, when the moon moves into Virgo.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Star Date 6/12/10 Moon in Cancer, Venus in Cancer

Welcome! Today is Saturday, June 12th of 2010. The Moon sidesteps from the air sign Gemini into the water sign of Cancer at approximately 9:50 pm est. The normal 'goings on' for a Cancer moon phase will be even more intensified because Venus is also currently in Cancer as well. At approximately 27, 28 and 29 degrees during this moon period, (Yes, our Lady Venus is clipping right along now, at a very good speed too). Juno (an Asteroid) is also currently in Cancer as well, but how this enhances moon transits is still yet to be determined. (In my opinion, we have yet to compile a decent database on the effects of Juno. So, although I have my suspicions, I hesitate to pass along information that may not be effective).

We will be looking at a two day period where people will be rather self-protective, possessive, emotional and moody. They will be looking for VERIFICATION of all kinds of things...(As Venus is also involved, a lot of it it will have to do with love and appearance)....Verification, proof and firm confirmation may be required that you love them and only them. That they did a good job, at least as good if not better than the LAST guy did. That you'll always come home to them because know you belong to them. And yes, even validation that their butt doesn't look too fat in those jeans....(and that you still think their pot belly and/or love handles are still cute and cuddly). They may even TEST you to see if its REALLY the way you say it is. Just for the sake of their security dont'cha know!

The name 'Crabby' could be applied to SOME people during this period. Yes, there are some folks, (Air & fire signs without water in their charts), that will have a tough time dealing with the heavy emotional tone of this moon period. But happily, MOST people have a sprinkling of enough water through their charts to ride it out without too much discomfort.

Cancer of course will be in their glory. After all, this Moon has come 'home' in the sign of Cancer, it rules there man, it rules!
We all know what it's like to unlock the front door and step in after a long business trip, we kick off our shoes, Yell "Lucy, I'm home!" Tug off those earrings and let our hair down. We'll be feeling it ourselves and seeing that same sort of sensitive soul scenario play out in others as we all let down our emotional hair and kick off the tight shoes of conventionally acceptable behaviour. That, in a nutshell just means we ALL will be MORE apt to ask the burning 'sensitive' questions NOW, that we were afraid to ask before.

There is also apt to be a bit more of a 'homebody' in all of us now. We'll want to stick close to home. (compared to all the running around we did while the moon was in Gemini). We want to 'touch base' with our families, pets all the things we 'care for' even the possessions we have collected during this two days. Cooking for the loved ones will be one of the ways we show how much we care and that is highlighted too now....Many people crave the smell of fresh baked bread, brownies, and cookies under this moon, you may find yourself doing it too. (Anyone else up for a bakery 'drive-by')? Heh heh....We'll crave comfort foods like stews, rich puddings, ice cream, mashed potato, in fact, almost any rich buttery stuff. Also a good wine shared with family and friends at the table will add to our bliss now. We'll talk and carry on about the good old days and our views on our family and country now while at that table and maybe even dare others to challenge our opinions about those specific things right now too.
Things like scrap booking and family tree investigation seem like fun to us now, and if not outright fun, maybe more like tasks we feel we SHOULD get to. Yeah, its sort of like a good kind of guilt, if there is such a thing...

Oh, and like all the Cardinal signs, Cancer IS known to "stir the pot" if things get a little TOO boring or questions don't get answered to their satisfaction. So, just make sure the fire extinguisher is in operating condition. The plumber is still on good terms with you and be prepared for anything, because they WILL get a rise out of you somehow if they aren't satisfied.

Capricorn Sun/Moon sign people might not be the happiest of clams on the beach right now. I suggest that they 'hole-up' in their spiffy, spartan and sleek home offices and take care of all the personal paperwork and bill paying. As keeping up with their own to-do's right now, will help keep them out of the 'ickie stickie' emotional currents that threaten to carry their wry, dry, logical, common sense, lil'ol goatie-selves over the waterfall of mass insecurity and sensitivity. Don't worry Cap, you can safely come back out after 11:54 pm est Monday night....When the moon moves to Leo.

Thanks for looking in...

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Star Date: 6/10/10 Moon & Mercury in Gemini

Today 6/10/10, The moon has moved (at 6:11 pm est) into the sign of Gemini. We're bound to see allot more chatter going on between people, computers and cell phones as Gemini is all about communication. We may also see some amazing examples of multi-tasking during this moon period as Gemini is capable of doing MORE than just one boring thing at a time...Nooo, he can do 3 or 4 all at once...But if it's NOT boring, they will concentrate on a single task. (and yes we do take on some of the qualities of Gemini when the moon rolls through their sign). We get more frantic, a bit more chatty and easily distracted. Reading matter will suddenly matter to us, you may be taken with a craving to read the latest gossip or devour a whole book at a single sitting.
There is a light handed, light hearted, humorous, non-personal feeling to most of what goes on while the moon slides through the sign Gemini. We WILL want to know, we just wont want to delve too deeply into the emotional or no over sharing the 'ickie stuff' now, PAHLEEZE! Eating will seem more like snacking or grazing, with less interest in a 'big, sit down' meal during this period because we're sooo darn busy! We'll want lighter foods too, like salads, fruit and finger foods. Pizza and quick sandwiches will be on the menu often when the moon cruises through this airy sign.

Mercury moved into Gemini (at 1:41 am est) today too...did you hear the "ahhhh"? It's come 'home' to the sign it rules! And will act as an intensifier for that big old moon in Gemini too.
Doubling up the potential for frantic movement, changeability and chances for communication using any methods available. It may seem frenetic right now but when the moon slips into the sign of emotional Cancer this Mercury position will seem like a blessing by keeping the way people think a bit lighter and less moody. This Mercury likes to take a bit of information, translate it and then spread it around to where it can do some good...(it also might like to gossip too, so DO be sure your not doing anything you wouldn't be proud to have other folks talking about)!

With both celestial bodies in Gemini, sun sign Gemini people will be in their cups and glory, enjoying a very good period for them overall until the moon move to Cancer (6/12/10 @9:50 pm est). Sagittarius may NOT be enjoying this period quite so much as all the meaningless chatter just gets on their nerves and people jumping around from thing to thing is distracting. It could be a very good time for Sag to get away from it all (back out into the countryside or shore) maybe just get that fishing pole out and take a break.

Thanks for stopping by.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Taurus Mercury Retrograde in April and May 2010

Oh, here we go again...Yes indeed, another round of Mercury retrograde. This time Mercury will sit in station (or spend a slightly longer time at a certain degree as it changes direction), on April 16th when it arrived at 12 degrees Taurus (and some odd minutes), It went retrograde on April 18th and will go direct again on May 11th, but will actually still be at station (and working up some steam for the move) at 2 degrees...until the 13th. This all happens in the sign of Taurus this period and having your chart in front of you to see how it will effect you personally can be a great big help in how to deal with the potential tricky spots that might arise now.
For me, being a Gemini rising, that puts the sign of Taurus (at 12 degrees) in my 12th house when it begins this whole adventure. The 12th house rules things that are hidden....I started having some strange experiences with water as our old buddy Mercury sat stationary at 12 degrees and exactly opposed to my Neptune in Scorpio, these experiences all involved hidden (12th house influence) sources of water and fluids (the neptune/scorpio influence). They did not do what they normally do and CERTAINLY not what was expected....ummm...Yeah...yikes!
Toilets overflowed, because (inside, hidden) flapper valves didn't close, a hidden pipe (NOT easily accessed, hidden inside a wall) began leaking....Even a still 'factory sealed', unblemished gallon container of water decided to spring not one, but TWO pinpoint leaks after weeks of being safe sound and solid...and started leaking inside a closed (hidden away) cupboard.....and then a trigger spray bottle of that pretty blue window cleaner that had been used for weeks with nary a problem at all... suddenly decided to purge its contents out the spout on the top shelf...drip, drip, drip....all this in 3 days of mercury at 12 degrees Taurus...wheee!
Mercury retrograde usually fouls up the mercury 'ruled' things like communication, and the vehicles for communication like the Internet, mail, phone signals, fax signals and printouts (or the lack thereof), answering machines and all manner (spoken, printed, written or read) of communications in general...even to the point of our misreading menus and notes from friends. It also can mess with our short trips around our little day-to-day worlds, our cars (or whatever we use to take those trips, like bikes, buses, taxi's etc)...
But that's just a start! If you know what house you have it visiting and the planets (like my Neptune) that it aspects you can have a better idea of the potential impact that mercury retrograde might have in your life.
Under the sign of Taurus we might also expect to see some odd happenings with money or things of value in general, so don't be totally surprised if your ATM machine suddenly does some wacky stuff, or the bank statement is a little off...You'll need to double check everything! Also, take care of things that mean security to you in general, how you use your credit cards and passwords, remember to lock doors when leaving and then double check to be sure they engaged. You may find yourself dealing with odd food cravings and could even find yourself falling "out-of-love with a favorite flavor or snack during this time. How your greedy or generous could be tested now as well.
Mercury retrograde might be best seen as a little poke from the universe to get our attention back on what we've been taking for granted...A little 'wake up call' to pull us out of our daily haze and make us better appreciate all the times when things DO run well and smoothly. I know I'm just that little bit more appreciative of fluids and the things that carry them in my life, so I guess mercury accomplished THAT mission!
Until next time....Good luck to you and I'm going to hope it's just a 'little' poke from mischievous mercury for you...

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Returned To Sender

It seems some lives are meant to be lived fraught with pain and troubles. An 8-year-old Russian boy was adopted last September by a single American woman. Now I know that's not all that remarkable in and of itself, except for the fact that this month (April), she decided to return that 8-year-old child...Alone and unaided, back to Russia, with nothing more than a piece of paper in his possession as his support, explaining that he has psychological troubles and she no longer 'wants' him.

Now Russia is having misgivings about their and the United States shared methods of 'out of the country' adoptions...And well they should! It seems apparent to me that the screening process leaves much to be desired if a woman, who clearly has little to no common sense, (returning an 8-year-old boy, on a plane, ALONE!..) can adopt a child. Where was the testing to see if this woman was capable, sentient and cognizant of what was required to adopt a child? Proper testing might have given the adoption agents 'powers that be' a better indication that clearly she was not 'fit' as an adoptive parent.

As you can see, I am biased in favor of the child and I am quite sure that there WERE psychological problems as the basis that caused the return of the child...But sadly, it appears to my thinking, that it was NOT the child who suffered from them. I hope this is the last of his problems. I hope because of the attention he is getting as a result of this horribly foolish fiasco, he winds up a winner... With parents who will love, support and nurture him. This poor fellow has already suffered more in his eight years than a lot of people do in 80 or more...

Oh yes, when you watch a news report and hear YOURSELF saying..."Who in their right mind would do that"?!! Well, there's the clue...pretty much helps to explain it all...And its really just further proof that we inherently know a lot more than we think we do, about a whole lot of things.

Until we meet again....

Friday, April 2, 2010

See No Evil, Internet Filtering Or Censorship...

I'm strange! I think strange things....I admit it, (By now, that probably comes as no great shock). I like that I can be a little 'different' and get away with it. Yep....I'm 'Strange As I Wanna Be' and some times I'm even more odd than others.... letting my personal Freak flag fly high and proud. Of course, I do try to keep things within the bounds (of my own sense) of 'good taste.' And yes, I do try to be considerate of others. I guess it's working pretty well so far, for all parties involved. No complaints have been registered least not officially...heh.

I'm American, (and weirdly, sometimes I'm even kind of proud of that fact). So I look at it as my PERSONAL RIGHT to be as odd as I am, not just a freedom. Heck, I even like the fact that YOU can be strange, odd or different too....thats your right. And I like having the option to check out your personal, one-of-a-kind, 'brand of strange' at my own discretion. I like being able to make my OWN choices on whether or not your 'brand of strange' is acceptable to me. As an American, I've grown up being able to do that. Fellow Americans have fought hard and some have given up limbs and lives for me to be able to do that. Because of those sacrifices, I've spent my whole life being able to make my own choices on what is good and bad for me, seeing what fits and discarding the rest at my own pace, in my own way.

Oh yes, even at this age, I still fully exercise my Freedom Of Choice. (Hey, what can I say, it still has urges and it just likes being out and about, getting the fresh air and a good stretch now and again. heh, heh)... I like that something called Freedom Of Expression gives me the chance to USE my Freedom Of Choice. Its synergistic, they work together, one thing helps keep the other in really 'buff', healthy, usable condition.

What I don't like is the whisper that is currently circulating on the web from country to country about the potential for 'governmental intervention'....Otherwise known as WEB FILTERING. I know that certain carriers (most in fact, to some degree), already impose their own sanctions of what is allowed and what's not via owned networks and adjunct subsidiaries under their control. Google is one who imposes their will and restrictions, AOL was well known in their glory days to prohibit loads of stuff... And now, countries (thats right, I said countries not companies)....are threatening to impose their own governmental versions of "moderation", "filtering" and control. They will add to the restrictions already in place on the carrier channels...(your Internet service provider networks). THEY (the governments), will decide content, what goes on the web and then again, what will be "allowed" to be seen. They will decide what, where, how, when and ultimately... IF.

Now ask yourself this....With filtering how much information will be denied to us? How much WONT we know? How much stuff will no longer get To WE, US...The grownups, ('the people' who pay the bills)? How much entertainment will we never even know exists. How many new discoveries won't be disclosed to us because some big cartel has a vested interest to cover it up and big enough bucks to 'buy out' or otherwise influence the governmental "filtering" process? I suspect lots more than anyone could ever even guess. Gee, Thanks Gov...but really, I don't need you to clean and sanitize my Internet feed, but golly, thanks for offering.... How bout you work on world peace and hunger problems instead?

Internet Filtering is the first step in being able to charge "We The Sheeple" big bucks for content, in other words....If you want more information your gonna pay for it. Byte by byte and bit by bit, its going to cost you. (Remember when some stuff was free kids? Free for the listening radio or hmmm.. how about television? ohhhh yeah, we USED to get that for free!!) Oh, but don't worry! you wont get anything that the big money cartels don't want you to matter how much you pay!

The whole idea of filtering must be stopped! It just smacks so completely of 'wrong' all the way through, inside out, from start to finish and side to side...its WRONG! I suggest we, the people, (rather than adopting that famous "wait and see" attitude that humans are soooo fond of), actually START TO TALK about this! How about starting to exercise our Freedom To Choose right here, right now what we WILL and WONT allow to be taken away from us?

Sounds like this one's got the potential be a real 'battle royal' between US and THEM. And to get to the end of this one, to the last inning, to that final win scoring run....its got to start somewhere.... Because if you don't get in this game and start swinging that bat (and do it with a SERIOUS intent to win), you wont get the chance to do it again later, kids. When this game is finally over, when its all played out and the dust settles...Are you going to be on the team of the gritty, grinning winners? ...Yeah? Then you better hunker down there kiddo and get ready to swing-batta-batta-SWING!

Me? I'll have my lucky socks, my good glove and fresh cleats for this game...and you?
Until next time...

Monday, March 29, 2010

Epiphany moment at two am...

Ah HA! Shaa-zzam! The truth has revealed itself to me at last. Too bad the truth has simply no respect at all for a poor, tired body needing sleep! Thats right, oh yeah. I had yet another "epiphany moment" at two am. Frankly, I have to say there could (and really should), be a better time for the shining light of wisdom to dawn upon this thick marble head but so far, no....not happening.

Nature must think (in it's infinite wisdom), that somehow I might not be paying enough attention during the day. Or perhaps maybe, I wont be able to handle the burst of wise truth during normal business hours. It does'nt really matter what brought it on. The subject matter choices have been many and myriad over the years and without fail, that wrenching, 'lightning stroke' of brilliance always seems to happen when I should sleeping like a babe in arms, one who is dead to the world or at the very least one that would appear to the average layperson to be in a semi-comatose state of rest.

See, I think. Yep, I do it all the time...Its another one of those things I DO. Its sort of like a J.O.B. (job) since I started writing. One cannot write without having things to write ABOUT. And yes, this is a requirement of the job. Theres no sidestepping it. No pawning it off on a pimple faced underling or letting it sit in some dusty, forsaken inbox somewhere until the boss notices. Nope, to write (even fairly well), you have to think about subjects, then endure even more weird off-shoot thoughts, then consider feelings and their results and the list goes on and on...yada, yada yada. Sorry aspiring writers, yeah, that part came as a bit of a shock to me too....

That having been said, I have to tell you again, I do this thinking 'stuff' pretty much all the time. Yup, every waking moment. Some of it just happens, some of it I actually designate a special time and a place to do. The walk time on the treadmill is really a preferred spot. Somehow my mind limbers up and moves more easily through and across even the darkest, stickiest and most viscus of subjects when my body is in motion too. Another highly valued spot I've got to do the bullwork in is deep inside my comfortable, slightly overstuffed chair (although the cat might argueably say it's his), which sits in front of my computer. I get 'rifle-fire-quick rounds of thoughts and determinations there for some reason. Hmm...I suppose I've got twitter to thank for that painless course in speed thinking...heh heh...But hey, 'thanks' really! I mean, who knew?

So now I've said it, I do believe its now been clearly stated, outright and plain as day. I THINK! Oh yes, I do....I say it here and declare it to the whole world at large, to the entire universe and to any nooks and crannies of places that may exist beyond. Are you listening Mother Nature? You cruel, mind bending, epiphany rending, intelligence wi-fi sending wench you....AND let me also state, I can be best be reached between the hours of 9 am and 5 pm, month in and month out, seven days a week....

Thanks for reading. Oh, until we meet again....At the tone, please leave your name and number, I'll get back to you, hopefully between 9 and 5.....

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Of Womanly Wiles and Feminine Ways...

Oh my, YES it has happened yet again. Silly me, I have once again been the hapless victim of another woman (and I use that term 'woman' loosely). One who uses her wiles to hook, snare or otherwise 'catch' a man. I say I was a victim again because obviously I was only good enough to bother with right up until she successfully captured the attentions of my male friend. Once her objective had been achieved my purpose in her life had apparently been served and now she does not bother with me. hmm...mission accomplished!
Oddly, I dont feel at all badly for myself. Heh, heh, No indeed! Far from it.... I would rather be shed of the type of woman who does such things that than be associated with such ungracious and dishonerable types, be they woman or man alike. I have seen this special female 'skill' being used all my life and no doubt this (disgraceful, duplicitous female behaviour) will continue to be used long after I have passed away and turned to dust.
I have seen it done FAR better mind you, than this latest episode....For I had the very good blessing to grow up watching a true 'Master' of the feminine wiles. You see I was born a people watcher, Its my favorite sport and all other sports come a wan, pale second to surveying the entertaining antics of humans.
I had seen it done by a master indeed and I have also seen the results of the use of these feminine wiles, they are never pretty! Why is it that women who use these tactics are SO suprised to find that they have 'caught' a stupid, male egotist on the end of their hook? Why also is it, that they are never happy to have that foolish man once they have finally got him right where they want him? Seems to me that if you go fishing for an egotist dim enough to be caught using the bait specific to that type of 'fish' you shouldnt be surprised when all your casts of duplicity eventually wind up with that brand wriggling on the banks of love and simply thrilled to be yours! heh, yep, yours and yours alone girlies...Alas, sadly those man fishies wont stay 'hooked and caught for long, you see for those type of men, there is always another prettier, younger, more gently tittering and sparklie hook just dangling in the corner of that male fishie field of vision.
As you can tell, I dont employ such measures myself, I am the odd kind of woman who finds the use of such easy tricks distasteful, hurtful and and pretty much an outright waste of everyones time. I also enjoy the TRUE skill required to make friends by JUST being myself. I find comfort in knowing if and when we ever arrive at the stage when our social masks are removed and we must face each other without any concealment of veils, trickery, or through smoke and mirrors the person who looks at me will see exactly what they have always seen...and if we've gotten that far, its highly likely that the person I'll see looking back will be very intelligent, somewhat funny and have quiet a bit more than their ego driving them through life.
Indeed, the upshot of this whole thing is, those female fishers, those womanly 'weavers of wiles' and users of girlie guile deserve exactly what they catch. I'll happily take the wiser, more realistic and (very likely) genetically superior male left overs...Thank you very much! :)
Ladies, try to keep your 'worm' on the hook and your waders dry....Heh, heh..till we meet again.