Sunday, June 13, 2010

Star Date : 6/14/10 Moon in Leo, Venus in Leo

Welcome! Today June 14th the Moon moon moves into the sign of Leo at 11:54 pm est. The planet Venus also moved into Leo earlier at 4:50 am est, so this is a wonderful period to enjoy. Both of these celestial bodies will be making positive aspects to Jupiter and Uranus who are both currently in the very earliest degrees of Aries....So Fire sign suns/moon people will be getting a little extra boost of energy and sex appeal from these four.

What can we expect from this Leo Moon period? Well, if you look carefully you'll see folks will start to walk a little taller, sit a bit straighter too. Yes, because Leo rules the back and the Moon and Venus here will act as a motherly reminder for us all to sit up straight. (nudge, nudge). If you ignore Leo's prompting and don't, you may find yourself a little bit achy as a result. If you look at someone you know is a Leo.... You'll know exactly what I mean, most of them walk proudly and stand with a rather royal and commanding posture... (Not the kind of stance that Virgo risings ramrod straight you wonder where exactly that stick is)....but with a natural Leo elegance and strength. We'll all get just a touch of that for a couple days (lucky us)!

We may also see ourselves springing for a new hairdo, a bit of something gold and glittery, or maybe a posh bit of 'something' to add to our wardrobes. Leo spares no expense at being show-stoppingly attractive, they work very hard at making it all seem "natural" and we'll all get just a smidge of that sort of attitude ourselves with both these planets in the sign of the lion. We may see a drop or two of indulgent flair as 'essential' for just a bit. Tooth whitening, contact lenses, tanning, hair highlighting, manicures and pedicures....Yes, all the little touches may suddenly seem very important to us now.

Attitudes will tend to be generous. Miserly and petty behaviour will be frowned upon. Children, entertaining and playing will get special attention right now too. A good laugh here and there should be had in the next few days too. (Leo loves to tell a joke). Even the shy, 'shrinking violet' types wont mind folks looking at them so much during this period. Entertaining is especially highlighted now, you may want to throw an impromptu party during this moon spell. We'll play games just for the sake of playing not winning right now. You may find you crave a good session of sunbathing right now too. Self improvement schemes get off to a great start as well right now, deciding HOW to loose that spare tire will seem easier much for alot of us.

Food will be something "worth" having now. Hard to believe but even our snacks will have to have that "something special" or we just wont be interested. Many a confirmed vegetarian may get an unshakable craving for a good steak during this moon phase. How the meal 'looks' on the plate will be almost as important to us as the taste. Finishing touches like garnishes are used more when the moon rolls through Leo. Also the "better" cuts of meat are preferred. We wont be fans of boiled stuff right now and prefer roasting or fire grilling what we eat instead. Elegant desserts are wanted now as well as the finer bottle of wine or imported beer as opposed to the 'standard fare' we normally have. Restaurants with table linens and making reservations to'em are high on our priority lists right now as we would rather have others 'do' (in a grand style too) for us...But hey, we're worth it right?

Aquarius Suns/Moons might not find these few days as enjoyable as the rest of us, (after all, they are the zodiacs 'opposite' of Leo). They don't care for all that self-important pomp and circumstance. And all the strutting, fluffing and preening just gets on their nerves.... I think you guys might want to escape it all by going rock climbing, hang gliding or maybe windsurfing. A visit to that Sci-Fi convention in town wouldn't be a bad idea, or maybe just 'hole-up' in your laboratory and do some more work on your Martian Alien Language translator project for a little bit.... Just until 1:41 am est Thursday, when the moon moves into Virgo.

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