Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Taurus Mercury Retrograde in April and May 2010

Oh, here we go again...Yes indeed, another round of Mercury retrograde. This time Mercury will sit in station (or spend a slightly longer time at a certain degree as it changes direction), on April 16th when it arrived at 12 degrees Taurus (and some odd minutes), It went retrograde on April 18th and will go direct again on May 11th, but will actually still be at station (and working up some steam for the move) at 2 degrees...until the 13th. This all happens in the sign of Taurus this period and having your chart in front of you to see how it will effect you personally can be a great big help in how to deal with the potential tricky spots that might arise now.
For me, being a Gemini rising, that puts the sign of Taurus (at 12 degrees) in my 12th house when it begins this whole adventure. The 12th house rules things that are hidden....I started having some strange experiences with water as our old buddy Mercury sat stationary at 12 degrees and exactly opposed to my Neptune in Scorpio, these experiences all involved hidden (12th house influence) sources of water and fluids (the neptune/scorpio influence). They did not do what they normally do and CERTAINLY not what was expected....ummm...Yeah...yikes!
Toilets overflowed, because (inside, hidden) flapper valves didn't close, a hidden pipe (NOT easily accessed, hidden inside a wall) began leaking....Even a still 'factory sealed', unblemished gallon container of water decided to spring not one, but TWO pinpoint leaks after weeks of being safe sound and solid...and started leaking inside a closed (hidden away) cupboard.....and then a trigger spray bottle of that pretty blue window cleaner that had been used for weeks with nary a problem at all... suddenly decided to purge its contents out the spout on the top shelf...drip, drip, drip....all this in 3 days of mercury at 12 degrees Taurus...wheee!
Mercury retrograde usually fouls up the mercury 'ruled' things like communication, and the vehicles for communication like the Internet, mail, phone signals, fax signals and printouts (or the lack thereof), answering machines and all manner (spoken, printed, written or read) of communications in general...even to the point of our misreading menus and notes from friends. It also can mess with our short trips around our little day-to-day worlds, our cars (or whatever we use to take those trips, like bikes, buses, taxi's etc)...
But that's just a start! If you know what house you have it visiting and the planets (like my Neptune) that it aspects you can have a better idea of the potential impact that mercury retrograde might have in your life.
Under the sign of Taurus we might also expect to see some odd happenings with money or things of value in general, so don't be totally surprised if your ATM machine suddenly does some wacky stuff, or the bank statement is a little off...You'll need to double check everything! Also, take care of things that mean security to you in general, how you use your credit cards and passwords, remember to lock doors when leaving and then double check to be sure they engaged. You may find yourself dealing with odd food cravings and could even find yourself falling "out-of-love with a favorite flavor or snack during this time. How your greedy or generous could be tested now as well.
Mercury retrograde might be best seen as a little poke from the universe to get our attention back on what we've been taking for granted...A little 'wake up call' to pull us out of our daily haze and make us better appreciate all the times when things DO run well and smoothly. I know I'm just that little bit more appreciative of fluids and the things that carry them in my life, so I guess mercury accomplished THAT mission!
Until next time....Good luck to you and I'm going to hope it's just a 'little' poke from mischievous mercury for you...

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Returned To Sender

It seems some lives are meant to be lived fraught with pain and troubles. An 8-year-old Russian boy was adopted last September by a single American woman. Now I know that's not all that remarkable in and of itself, except for the fact that this month (April), she decided to return that 8-year-old child...Alone and unaided, back to Russia, with nothing more than a piece of paper in his possession as his support, explaining that he has psychological troubles and she no longer 'wants' him.

Now Russia is having misgivings about their and the United States shared methods of 'out of the country' adoptions...And well they should! It seems apparent to me that the screening process leaves much to be desired if a woman, who clearly has little to no common sense, (returning an 8-year-old boy, on a plane, ALONE!..) can adopt a child. Where was the testing to see if this woman was capable, sentient and cognizant of what was required to adopt a child? Proper testing might have given the adoption agents 'powers that be' a better indication that clearly she was not 'fit' as an adoptive parent.

As you can see, I am biased in favor of the child and I am quite sure that there WERE psychological problems as the basis that caused the return of the child...But sadly, it appears to my thinking, that it was NOT the child who suffered from them. I hope this is the last of his problems. I hope because of the attention he is getting as a result of this horribly foolish fiasco, he winds up a winner... With parents who will love, support and nurture him. This poor fellow has already suffered more in his eight years than a lot of people do in 80 or more...

Oh yes, when you watch a news report and hear YOURSELF saying..."Who in their right mind would do that"?!! Well, there's the clue...pretty much helps to explain it all...And its really just further proof that we inherently know a lot more than we think we do, about a whole lot of things.

Until we meet again....

Friday, April 2, 2010

See No Evil, Internet Filtering Or Censorship...

I'm strange! I think strange things....I admit it, (By now, that probably comes as no great shock). I like that I can be a little 'different' and get away with it. Yep....I'm 'Strange As I Wanna Be' and some times I'm even more odd than others.... letting my personal Freak flag fly high and proud. Of course, I do try to keep things within the bounds (of my own sense) of 'good taste.' And yes, I do try to be considerate of others. I guess it's working pretty well so far, for all parties involved. No complaints have been registered lately...at least not officially...heh.

I'm American, (and weirdly, sometimes I'm even kind of proud of that fact). So I look at it as my PERSONAL RIGHT to be as odd as I am, not just a freedom. Heck, I even like the fact that YOU can be strange, odd or different too....thats your right. And I like having the option to check out your personal, one-of-a-kind, 'brand of strange' at my own discretion. I like being able to make my OWN choices on whether or not your 'brand of strange' is acceptable to me. As an American, I've grown up being able to do that. Fellow Americans have fought hard and some have given up limbs and lives for me to be able to do that. Because of those sacrifices, I've spent my whole life being able to make my own choices on what is good and bad for me, seeing what fits and discarding the rest at my own pace, in my own way.

Oh yes, even at this age, I still fully exercise my Freedom Of Choice. (Hey, what can I say, it still has urges and it just likes being out and about, getting the fresh air and a good stretch now and again. heh, heh)... I like that something called Freedom Of Expression exists....it gives me the chance to USE my Freedom Of Choice. Its synergistic, they work together, one thing helps keep the other in really 'buff', healthy, usable condition.

What I don't like is the whisper that is currently circulating on the web from country to country about the potential for 'governmental intervention'....Otherwise known as WEB FILTERING. I know that certain carriers (most in fact, to some degree), already impose their own sanctions of what is allowed and what's not via owned networks and adjunct subsidiaries under their control. Google is one who imposes their will and restrictions, AOL was well known in their glory days to prohibit loads of stuff... And now, countries (thats right, I said countries not companies)....are threatening to impose their own governmental versions of "moderation", "filtering" and control. They will add to the restrictions already in place on the carrier channels...(your Internet service provider networks). THEY (the governments), will decide content, what goes on the web and then again, what will be "allowed" to be seen. They will decide what, where, how, when and ultimately... IF.

Now ask yourself this....With filtering how much information will be denied to us? How much WONT we know? How much stuff will no longer get To WE, US...The grownups, ('the people' who pay the bills)? How much entertainment will we never even know exists. How many new discoveries won't be disclosed to us because some big cartel has a vested interest to cover it up and big enough bucks to 'buy out' or otherwise influence the governmental "filtering" process? I suspect lots more than anyone could ever even guess. Gee, Thanks Gov...but really, I don't need you to clean and sanitize my Internet feed, but golly, thanks for offering.... How bout you work on world peace and hunger problems instead?

Internet Filtering is the first step in being able to charge "We The Sheeple" big bucks for content, in other words....If you want more information your gonna pay for it. Byte by byte and bit by bit, its going to cost you. (Remember when some stuff was free kids? Free for the listening radio or hmmm.. how about television? ohhhh yeah, we USED to get that for free!!) Oh, but don't worry! you wont get anything that the big money cartels don't want you to see..no matter how much you pay!

The whole idea of filtering must be stopped! It just smacks so completely of 'wrong' all the way through, inside out, from start to finish and side to side...its WRONG! I suggest we, the people, (rather than adopting that famous "wait and see" attitude that humans are soooo fond of), actually START TO TALK about this! How about starting to exercise our Freedom To Choose right here, right now what we WILL and WONT allow to be taken away from us?

Sounds like this one's got the potential be a real 'battle royal' between US and THEM. And to get to the end of this one, to the last inning, to that final win scoring run....its got to start somewhere.... Because if you don't get in this game and start swinging that bat (and do it with a SERIOUS intent to win), you wont get the chance to do it again later, kids. When this game is finally over, when its all played out and the dust settles...Are you going to be on the team of the gritty, grinning winners? ...Yeah? Then you better hunker down there kiddo and get ready to swing-batta-batta-SWING!

Me? I'll have my lucky socks, my good glove and fresh cleats for this game...and you?
Until next time...