Thursday, June 10, 2010

Star Date: 6/10/10 Moon & Mercury in Gemini

Today 6/10/10, The moon has moved (at 6:11 pm est) into the sign of Gemini. We're bound to see allot more chatter going on between people, computers and cell phones as Gemini is all about communication. We may also see some amazing examples of multi-tasking during this moon period as Gemini is capable of doing MORE than just one boring thing at a time...Nooo, he can do 3 or 4 all at once...But if it's NOT boring, they will concentrate on a single task. (and yes we do take on some of the qualities of Gemini when the moon rolls through their sign). We get more frantic, a bit more chatty and easily distracted. Reading matter will suddenly matter to us, you may be taken with a craving to read the latest gossip or devour a whole book at a single sitting.
There is a light handed, light hearted, humorous, non-personal feeling to most of what goes on while the moon slides through the sign Gemini. We WILL want to know, we just wont want to delve too deeply into the emotional or no over sharing the 'ickie stuff' now, PAHLEEZE! Eating will seem more like snacking or grazing, with less interest in a 'big, sit down' meal during this period because we're sooo darn busy! We'll want lighter foods too, like salads, fruit and finger foods. Pizza and quick sandwiches will be on the menu often when the moon cruises through this airy sign.

Mercury moved into Gemini (at 1:41 am est) today too...did you hear the "ahhhh"? It's come 'home' to the sign it rules! And will act as an intensifier for that big old moon in Gemini too.
Doubling up the potential for frantic movement, changeability and chances for communication using any methods available. It may seem frenetic right now but when the moon slips into the sign of emotional Cancer this Mercury position will seem like a blessing by keeping the way people think a bit lighter and less moody. This Mercury likes to take a bit of information, translate it and then spread it around to where it can do some good...(it also might like to gossip too, so DO be sure your not doing anything you wouldn't be proud to have other folks talking about)!

With both celestial bodies in Gemini, sun sign Gemini people will be in their cups and glory, enjoying a very good period for them overall until the moon move to Cancer (6/12/10 @9:50 pm est). Sagittarius may NOT be enjoying this period quite so much as all the meaningless chatter just gets on their nerves and people jumping around from thing to thing is distracting. It could be a very good time for Sag to get away from it all (back out into the countryside or shore) maybe just get that fishing pole out and take a break.

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