Thursday, March 25, 2010

Of Womanly Wiles and Feminine Ways...

Oh my, YES it has happened yet again. Silly me, I have once again been the hapless victim of another woman (and I use that term 'woman' loosely). One who uses her wiles to hook, snare or otherwise 'catch' a man. I say I was a victim again because obviously I was only good enough to bother with right up until she successfully captured the attentions of my male friend. Once her objective had been achieved my purpose in her life had apparently been served and now she does not bother with me. hmm...mission accomplished!
Oddly, I dont feel at all badly for myself. Heh, heh, No indeed! Far from it.... I would rather be shed of the type of woman who does such things that than be associated with such ungracious and dishonerable types, be they woman or man alike. I have seen this special female 'skill' being used all my life and no doubt this (disgraceful, duplicitous female behaviour) will continue to be used long after I have passed away and turned to dust.
I have seen it done FAR better mind you, than this latest episode....For I had the very good blessing to grow up watching a true 'Master' of the feminine wiles. You see I was born a people watcher, Its my favorite sport and all other sports come a wan, pale second to surveying the entertaining antics of humans.
I had seen it done by a master indeed and I have also seen the results of the use of these feminine wiles, they are never pretty! Why is it that women who use these tactics are SO suprised to find that they have 'caught' a stupid, male egotist on the end of their hook? Why also is it, that they are never happy to have that foolish man once they have finally got him right where they want him? Seems to me that if you go fishing for an egotist dim enough to be caught using the bait specific to that type of 'fish' you shouldnt be surprised when all your casts of duplicity eventually wind up with that brand wriggling on the banks of love and simply thrilled to be yours! heh, yep, yours and yours alone girlies...Alas, sadly those man fishies wont stay 'hooked and caught for long, you see for those type of men, there is always another prettier, younger, more gently tittering and sparklie hook just dangling in the corner of that male fishie field of vision.
As you can tell, I dont employ such measures myself, I am the odd kind of woman who finds the use of such easy tricks distasteful, hurtful and and pretty much an outright waste of everyones time. I also enjoy the TRUE skill required to make friends by JUST being myself. I find comfort in knowing if and when we ever arrive at the stage when our social masks are removed and we must face each other without any concealment of veils, trickery, or through smoke and mirrors the person who looks at me will see exactly what they have always seen...and if we've gotten that far, its highly likely that the person I'll see looking back will be very intelligent, somewhat funny and have quiet a bit more than their ego driving them through life.
Indeed, the upshot of this whole thing is, those female fishers, those womanly 'weavers of wiles' and users of girlie guile deserve exactly what they catch. I'll happily take the wiser, more realistic and (very likely) genetically superior male left overs...Thank you very much! :)
Ladies, try to keep your 'worm' on the hook and your waders dry....Heh, heh..till we meet again.

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