Thursday, June 17, 2010

Star Date : 6/17/10 Moon in Virgo, Mars in Virgo

Welcome! Today, June 17th 2010 the Moon moved into the sign of Virgo at 1:41am est. Mars is also in the sign of Virgo (as of 2:11 am est on 6/7/10), So the emotional side that is ruled by the Moon, is teaming up with a Mars driven sense of adventure, aggression, and sex. For alot of us, love affairs could be in the picture now, particularly for Earth and Water signs, who may really be feeling the vibe!

Adventures of all kinds may seem like a distinct possibility for all the signs but Virgo Suns will really have a leg up on it (they are practically 'humming' with energy in this moon period). They will have resolve as well as the will power to start and DO just about anything their little hearts desire right now. Be prepared people! With Virgo suns that could mean just about anything. The gamut could run from them dropping a bad job and jumping on a new employment situation to gutting the bedroom and redesigning it from the floorboards up. They have the guts, ambition and energy to fix the things that 'bug' then and they just might do it now!

For the rest of us, it's pretty much...Pick, pick, pick..Yes indeed, we get a little bit more discerning when the Moon is in Virgo. We know what we want, plain and simple and if it's not 'just so' we WILL complain. We want the people we deal with to have fresh breath, clean hair and decent, co-ordinating, well fitting clothes. We all just figure that's the very LEAST we can could do, so we expect it from others too. Gone now is the regal 'forgiving', non-petty attitude of the Leo Moon. Yup, lonnng gone! Now it's ALL about the details toughen up and deal with it.

Food right now will be more along the lines of what we NEED as opposed to what we want. Is it healthy? Is it wholesome? Is it sensible?...If yes, then fill our plates please!
Health food is 'big' under this moon. Whole grains, salads, and lean cuts of meat will be to our liking right now...Don't be surprised if you turn down dessert either, Virgo moons usually take the craving for sweets down a notch too. We will want our kitchens and dining rooms to be clean and uncluttered. DO be sure to look over all those bit of mail you've been stacking up on those tables, BEFORE you toss them all in the trash bin! Many an overdue notice surprisingly comes a shortly after we spontaneously TOSS (yes, the original, unopened bill) of the cluttering 'stuff' out under a Virgo moon spell.

Things we'll likely be doing now, cleaning, organizing, nit-picking and complaining, streamlining and "fixing" whats wrong with other people. We wont be so 'self' focused as we were in the Leo moon period and instead will be turning our attention to those around us and our surroundings. We tend to make a 'god' of simple necessity right now too. Efficient, unromantic, quick, clean and no-frills stuff will win out in our eyes every time when a Virgo Moon is involved.

Pisces (the astrological opposite of Virgo), Sun and Moon sign people just might not be digging the vibe so much right now. Life that's without at least a touch of romance, elegance and fantasy just isn't comfortable for them. They might want to grab a bottle or two of their favorite vintage and hide out for the duration under the covers of their cozy beds or between the covers of their favorite romance, thriller or poetry book at least until 4:13 am est on Saturday, June 19th, when the moon moves into the sign of airy and slightly more romantic Libra.

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