Saturday, June 12, 2010

Star Date 6/12/10 Moon in Cancer, Venus in Cancer

Welcome! Today is Saturday, June 12th of 2010. The Moon sidesteps from the air sign Gemini into the water sign of Cancer at approximately 9:50 pm est. The normal 'goings on' for a Cancer moon phase will be even more intensified because Venus is also currently in Cancer as well. At approximately 27, 28 and 29 degrees during this moon period, (Yes, our Lady Venus is clipping right along now, at a very good speed too). Juno (an Asteroid) is also currently in Cancer as well, but how this enhances moon transits is still yet to be determined. (In my opinion, we have yet to compile a decent database on the effects of Juno. So, although I have my suspicions, I hesitate to pass along information that may not be effective).

We will be looking at a two day period where people will be rather self-protective, possessive, emotional and moody. They will be looking for VERIFICATION of all kinds of things...(As Venus is also involved, a lot of it it will have to do with love and appearance)....Verification, proof and firm confirmation may be required that you love them and only them. That they did a good job, at least as good if not better than the LAST guy did. That you'll always come home to them because know you belong to them. And yes, even validation that their butt doesn't look too fat in those jeans....(and that you still think their pot belly and/or love handles are still cute and cuddly). They may even TEST you to see if its REALLY the way you say it is. Just for the sake of their security dont'cha know!

The name 'Crabby' could be applied to SOME people during this period. Yes, there are some folks, (Air & fire signs without water in their charts), that will have a tough time dealing with the heavy emotional tone of this moon period. But happily, MOST people have a sprinkling of enough water through their charts to ride it out without too much discomfort.

Cancer of course will be in their glory. After all, this Moon has come 'home' in the sign of Cancer, it rules there man, it rules!
We all know what it's like to unlock the front door and step in after a long business trip, we kick off our shoes, Yell "Lucy, I'm home!" Tug off those earrings and let our hair down. We'll be feeling it ourselves and seeing that same sort of sensitive soul scenario play out in others as we all let down our emotional hair and kick off the tight shoes of conventionally acceptable behaviour. That, in a nutshell just means we ALL will be MORE apt to ask the burning 'sensitive' questions NOW, that we were afraid to ask before.

There is also apt to be a bit more of a 'homebody' in all of us now. We'll want to stick close to home. (compared to all the running around we did while the moon was in Gemini). We want to 'touch base' with our families, pets all the things we 'care for' even the possessions we have collected during this two days. Cooking for the loved ones will be one of the ways we show how much we care and that is highlighted too now....Many people crave the smell of fresh baked bread, brownies, and cookies under this moon, you may find yourself doing it too. (Anyone else up for a bakery 'drive-by')? Heh heh....We'll crave comfort foods like stews, rich puddings, ice cream, mashed potato, in fact, almost any rich buttery stuff. Also a good wine shared with family and friends at the table will add to our bliss now. We'll talk and carry on about the good old days and our views on our family and country now while at that table and maybe even dare others to challenge our opinions about those specific things right now too.
Things like scrap booking and family tree investigation seem like fun to us now, and if not outright fun, maybe more like tasks we feel we SHOULD get to. Yeah, its sort of like a good kind of guilt, if there is such a thing...

Oh, and like all the Cardinal signs, Cancer IS known to "stir the pot" if things get a little TOO boring or questions don't get answered to their satisfaction. So, just make sure the fire extinguisher is in operating condition. The plumber is still on good terms with you and be prepared for anything, because they WILL get a rise out of you somehow if they aren't satisfied.

Capricorn Sun/Moon sign people might not be the happiest of clams on the beach right now. I suggest that they 'hole-up' in their spiffy, spartan and sleek home offices and take care of all the personal paperwork and bill paying. As keeping up with their own to-do's right now, will help keep them out of the 'ickie stickie' emotional currents that threaten to carry their wry, dry, logical, common sense, lil'ol goatie-selves over the waterfall of mass insecurity and sensitivity. Don't worry Cap, you can safely come back out after 11:54 pm est Monday night....When the moon moves to Leo.

Thanks for looking in...

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