Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Returned To Sender

It seems some lives are meant to be lived fraught with pain and troubles. An 8-year-old Russian boy was adopted last September by a single American woman. Now I know that's not all that remarkable in and of itself, except for the fact that this month (April), she decided to return that 8-year-old child...Alone and unaided, back to Russia, with nothing more than a piece of paper in his possession as his support, explaining that he has psychological troubles and she no longer 'wants' him.

Now Russia is having misgivings about their and the United States shared methods of 'out of the country' adoptions...And well they should! It seems apparent to me that the screening process leaves much to be desired if a woman, who clearly has little to no common sense, (returning an 8-year-old boy, on a plane, ALONE!..) can adopt a child. Where was the testing to see if this woman was capable, sentient and cognizant of what was required to adopt a child? Proper testing might have given the adoption agents 'powers that be' a better indication that clearly she was not 'fit' as an adoptive parent.

As you can see, I am biased in favor of the child and I am quite sure that there WERE psychological problems as the basis that caused the return of the child...But sadly, it appears to my thinking, that it was NOT the child who suffered from them. I hope this is the last of his problems. I hope because of the attention he is getting as a result of this horribly foolish fiasco, he winds up a winner... With parents who will love, support and nurture him. This poor fellow has already suffered more in his eight years than a lot of people do in 80 or more...

Oh yes, when you watch a news report and hear YOURSELF saying..."Who in their right mind would do that"?!! Well, there's the clue...pretty much helps to explain it all...And its really just further proof that we inherently know a lot more than we think we do, about a whole lot of things.

Until we meet again....

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