Friday, October 2, 2009

I am currently.....News dieting

I've decided as of the mercury retrograde of last month, (Mercury rules communication, news and information), to go on a news diet. Yup, to actively choose to decrease the amount of 'negative' information flowing into my life.....I figure we're only here for a short while, (and YES, I DO think that 80 or so years is a relatively short time span)....So why gum it all up with that negativity when so much of it seems to be opinion, echo and reverb?

I'm not saying we should collectively stick our heads in the sand and just let the wickedness of the world just mount up, nor pretend that it doesnt exist.....It does, it always has and likely will continue until the end of time, to some degree. I have just chosen to limit my exposure to the constant deluge available to us all twenty four hours a day, week in and week out...rather than be drowned by it.

I noticed that I felt better about "things" in general as of the first week, I didnt mind talking to strangers at all.....(because I didnt know what horrible stuff people all over the world had been doing to each other).
I started to feel like maybe things might start getting better economically...(because I didnt hear about all the layoffs and unemployment levels).
I actually put money in the bank....(because I didnt hear about the latest banking dillemma or gouging C.E.O).

Then I found I had time...yup, "extra" time (who could have seen THAT one coming)? I average about 100 minutes of "extra" time per day on this NEWS diet, thats enough time to walk 5 miles! and so I do......and have better muscle tone which has led to yet another discovery, (get THIS).....
My brain works better when I walk, I guess the endophins fly around in the system much more freely while you're moving and those little neurons and synaps just love it....things really "click" in your head alot faster and surer with daily movment.

I wasnt quite sure what would come of this 'diet'.....yup, I'm one of those who need to have a constant inflow of information, (Gemini rising). A real 'dyed in the wool' informational "junkie"as it were, always on the lookout for more, more, more and newer and better bytes to add to the brain bank. I wasnt really sure if I could do it, figured I'd just begin and then start to 'jones' for CNN, CNBC or somesuch, but no.....with mercury in retrograde that didnt happen. I didnt crash and burn the very next day with my morning coffee and no Good Morning America or Today Show to fill my eyes and ears, nor did I start to tremble uncontrollably without that latest edition of the Sun Times clutched in my greedy hands at the breakfast table. Nope, I just lived, really tasted the coffee, really saw the sun dancing across the windowsill and actually paid attention to the birds singing right outside the window......

It's now october and mercury has gone direct again. I've decided to 'stay the course' and stick to my limits on news. I like whats happening to me and what's happening around me now I am in a better position to do more for my enviroment and the people in it. A slightly better, more mindful me has come of this.......but I'm pretty sure you wont hear about it on the news.

Thanks for taking a moment to spend with me.....

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  1. I take news breaks too. I had been on the healthcare diet.