Sunday, October 21, 2012

It has come to my attention, (as pointed out by @ERN_Malleyscrub on Twitter, with my many thanks.) that my last post here... was, *gasp* October, of LAST YEAR!  At that moment I realized and had to admit, I've let 'real' life take the lion's share of my attention and steal away a lot more than 'just a dab' of my creative impulses since then...

But with that having been said, another winter (comes hopefully for some and yet. too soon for others,) soon lies ahead for those of us on this side of the world. And being where I'm from, if we were to be able to lay them out, side-by-side, those dark nights, thick with cold, might seem stretched out, especially when compared to the brighter day times, which Mother Nature has ever so thoughtfully, clipped off the golden collar and hems off of and shipped all those sunny, warm bits over to the other hemisphere to brighten things up over there.  In exchange here, we get colored leaves. It hardly seems equitable...

This seasonal development is sure to mean empty hours being left to fill with something other than boring, mindless television viewing and since I am one who prefers the warmth of the indoors to the frosty, (possibly snowy) chill that being outside, at night, during this time of year presents. it is highly likely I shall again pursue the possible venting of personal opinions, ideas and musings that this little spot of writing, allows.

Now, it is almost Halloween and I've just now got a pumpkin in my sights that someone (yes, you might have guessed, the very flesh of my flesh) started carving but, as their 'vision' didn't miraculously appear on it, in it or of it... magically, (with very little physical or creative effort applied), she gave up.  So... before this magnificent, (nearly perfect) orange gourd has gone to complete waste, I shall cast a spell and transform it into something which, right now... it is not.  Now, where did I leave that little sharp, enchanted carving knife and my spell book?

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