Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Super Sized Stupid...

This struggling economy worldwide has made so many things seem scarce…But never fear, stupidity is still alive and so well fed it’s now apparently overweight. That’s right, it’s still here, BIG as life and as foolish as ever.

This time stupidity shows up disguised as a man some may refer to as Martin Kessman. He currently seems to be under the impression that his being overweight must confer him extra special benefits in this universe, like having the business’s he chooses to frequent, remodel and rebuild to accommodate his expansive girth.

Mr Kessman has sent several letters of complaint to the fast food, burger franchise “White Castle” complaining their booth seating is too small for him specifically, (because he banged his knee) and he is unable to squeeze himself into them ‘comfortably’. White Castle sent him back letters of apology, letting him know they planned to expand their booth seating size and then they even added coupons for free burgers to help sooth his wounded ego in the meantime.

Apparently he didn’t feel White Castle was doing enough for him personally, so Mr Kessman filed what can only be described as a frivolous lawsuit against the burger broker claiming they have violated his civil rights….Under the Americans with Disabilities Act, because he is obese.

I think the only disability this guy has is mental deficiency and maybe greed. Although they may have unwittingly aided in the process, is not White Castles fault that he actively chose to increase his own body mass beyond unhealthily overweight, to the point where he is unable to fit into a fairly roomy booth space. Despite now, not being able to fit the seating, Mr Kessman continues onward and outward, undaunted in his gluttonous burger binging by sending his wife to pick them up regularly for him…After all, every one of those well and fully cultivated fat cells add dramatically to his ‘super sized’ stupid and his Americans with Disabilities street cred, don’t they?

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