Friday, April 1, 2011

And So It Begins...April 2011

April 2011. Astrologically, so many changes in the heavens, some have happened already and some are soon to be coming. Those changes made me see that it is imperative that I share what I know to help others deal with how things are unfolding. I hope sharing this helps to ease your journey along your own personal path..Anyway, here goes guys. On march 11th, 2011 Uranus which rules, among lots of other things, tension, energy and the unexpected, moved into the sign action oriented fire sign of Aries. Japan had a monumentally damaging earthquake. Jupiter (ruling expansion and excess) has also been in Aries since January 22nd, this combination is notable for creating havoc, namely earthquakes and flooding. Within hours of that huge Japan quake they also suffered a devastating tsunami wave that scoured whole cities off the face of the earth. Mercury also already in Aries made this a planetary 'triple header' with all 3 squaring off against Pluto (rules underground and what is hidden) in the cardinal earth sign of of Capricorn and Saturn (rules structural things) in the cardinal air sign of Libra. The moon moving into the cardinal sign of watery Cancer made this even more difficult exposing the real level of problems the world suspected concerning Japan's nuclear reactors being damaged and leaking. So, what more can we expect for this month? The possibilities are endless...Planetary positions of note are: Sun in Aries on march 21st, through April 2oth. Mercury in retrograde in Aries through April 23rd.Venus in Pisces moves into Aries on April 21st. Mars in Aries on April 2nd. Jupiter in Aries. Saturn in Libra. Uranus in Aries. Neptune in Pisces on April 4th and Pluto in Capricorn, going retrograde on April 9th. This makes for some explosive 'celestial gunpowder' sprinkled through our day to day activities throughout the month of April. I wont go through aspects moment to moment but will lay out some possible ramifications. Military action as political unrest and economic unbalance has bloomed in so many countries, there will be world-wide implications involved here. Mercury retrograde will cause more havoc by hampering communication as well as the causing misinterpretation of what has been said, done or written. The stock market may have another short hot 'bubble' situation, (but don't expect it to last), it will be a fast, hot flare and burn itself out quickly. A few possible positive sectors will be weaponry, iron and steel, tools and tool making, sports and health equipment, and surgical instruments. Fuel prices keep scaling upward as those in control of it can continue to manipulate our perceptions about it's scarcity and availability. We may see some strides made toward viable 'safer' forms of power, both in fuel and electrical but it might just as easily be a 'rediscovery' of something once dismissed. The point of this post is to remind you to keep your cool, things are mighty combustible this month on every level and it will only effect you as far as you allow it to. When things start to get a little too 'hot under your collar' please try to remember my little Tao Of Duckie: Anger, held long, will only steal away your strength...Allow no thing and no one to steal away more than they are due.

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